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November 2023: Organic Certification Suspended by NHDAMF!

Since 2007, Red Manse Farm was Certified Organic by NHDAMF. However, due in large part to my proposed use of plastic twine in producing hay, as I have for many years in full compliance with their rules, the department made the decision to suspend my certification because it was deemed by them to no longer be acceptable in organic hay production. Never mind that the department continues to allow organic spinach in plastic bags, organic tomato seedlings in plastic trays, and plastic mulch allowed to be used in the field. No, plastic twine around a bale of hay is completely unacceptable to Director Wyman. I am satisfied being suspended under such hypocrisy. I will continue to provide my vegetables to the low income food programs I supply. Those customers appreciate my produce and do not require the State's certification to help feed at-risk populations.

Earl Tuson
5 Pittsfield Rd, Loudon Center, NH 03307
(603)435-9943    earl@redmansefarm.com

Certified Organic by NHDAMF - SUSPENDED NOVEMBER 2023