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2011 Wholesale Produce

Certified Organic Vegetables offered over an extended season

?    High quality produce, freshly picked on our farm, not shipped from out-of-state.

?    Competitively priced and available by volume measure (bushel, ? bushel, peck, ? peck,) or consumer sizes for resale (quarts, pints, bunches.)

?    Large quanities of select items can be supplied in 20 bushel bulk bins. Arrangements must be made prior to planting season.

?    Updated price list available to wholesale customers every Monday morning.

?    Wide range of the most commonly purchased vegetables.  See below for a listing of the crops to be grown this year.

?    We seek to cooperate with NH farms, retailers, processors, and food service institutions to develop the infrastructure needed for increasing availability of local organic foods over extended seasons.

Produce Selection

Sweet CornBroccoli
TomatoesBrussels Sprouts
Summer SquashKale & Collards
Winter SquashGarlic
Green & Wax BeansCarrots
Beetsand others...


Earl Tuson
5 Pittsfield Rd, Loudon Center, NH 03307
(603)435-9943    earl@redmansefarm.com

Certified Organic by NHDAMF